Artemis Electronics Completes Acquisition Of EAPU And Smoke Generator Technical Data From Walker Power Systems

Artemis Electronics, LLC, based in Prospect, Kentucky, announces today that it has completed its acquisition of certain assets of Walker Power Systems, Inc. (WPS), a privately held Arizona corporation and manufacturer of auxiliary power systems and turbine engines for the U.S. military and its allies worldwide.

Assets Transferred

Under the terms of the agreement, Artemis has acquired the intellectual property, technical data and production capability for several of WPS’s product lines, including the 2kW External Auxiliary Power Units (EAPUs) (NSN: 6115-01-572-3430), 3kW EAPUs (NSN: 6115-01-488-7433), and TT-40 M56/M58 Turbine Powered Smoke Generator Engines (NSN: 2835-01-424-3924). In addition, Artemis acquired a number of physical units of 2kW EAPUs, 3kW EAPUs, Smoke Generator Engines, and a variety of spare parts, inventory and testing equipment previously owned by WPS. No contracts or liabilities were assumed by Artemis through the transaction.

Part of the Artemis Growth Strategy

Artemis Electronics intends to use the acquired intellectual property to expand the company’s production capabilities. In the past Artemis has repaired EAPUs as a subcontractor for the military. Dean Dickinson, Founder and CEO of Artemis Electronics, noted, “This expansion into the production of EAPUs is in line with our strategy to grow our business. Our familiarity with the units combined with this acquisition allows for us to continue a product offering that has played an important role in keeping M1A1 tanks in operation.”

The acquisition provides Artemis with the potential to become a primary source of EAPUs and smoke generator engines over the next few years. Dickinson also said he believes the acquisition presents many opportunities for engineering to ensure that the product offering remains compatible with modern technology.

About the Products

The 2kW and 3kW External Auxiliary Power Units (EAPUs) were developed as a response to an identified need to enhance the M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank effectiveness. Each EAPU is specifically designed to provide auxiliary electrical power during periods of silent watch and to provide main battery charging. Use of the EAPUs allows for the minimization of main engine operating time as well as the provision of a backup source of power to the main batteries.

The TT-40 gas turbine engine and electronic control unit (ECU) is an integral part of the US Army’s M56 and XM58 Smoke Generator System program. The M56 smoke generator system provides coverage for large areas and provides both visual and infrared wavelength obstruction. As part of the smoke generator system, the TT-40 engine provides power with controlled bleed air and controlled exhaust temperature to disseminate obscurants.

About Artemis Electronics

Headquartered in Prospect, KY, Artemis Electronics is a small business engineering company that specializes in the design, manufacture, repair and testing of electronic systems and assemblies for military applications. Artemis was founded in 2005 by current CEO Dean Dickinson.