Manufacturing Case Studies

Manufacturing Success Story


Artemis has built indicator panels for hundreds of AAVs and a number of foreign end users. We leveraged our DDU manufacturing capabilities into manufacturing the entire Indicator Panel for the AAV.

AAV Driver Display Unit (DDU) & Indicator Panel P/N 5429429 – AAV Drivers Display Unit (DDU)

The DDU is used by the driver of the AAV to display transmission oil temperature and pressure, engine oil temperature and pressure, engine water temperature, fuel level and battery voltage. Artemis has successfully manufactured the entire Driver Display Unit.

Manufacturing Success Story

DDU Power Supply Card

Artemis was tasked by the Marine Corps with building a power supply card for am AAV driver display unit that had been classified BER and was no longer available from the OEM. Leveraging our build-to-print manufacturing capabilities, we manufactured, completed and shipped the DDU power supply cards within 3.5 months. This led to us manufacturing the display and signal conditioning cards for the DLA in addition to the power supply cards, resulting in Artemis becoming the DLA’s preferred manufacturer for these cards.

Special Process Success Story

High Voltage Power Supply 

Artemis Electronics completed a complex power supply for the F-16 Aircraft requiring several unique and intricate processes. The Artemis team began by preparing the components for installation, coating individual electronic components, degassing the coated components, then curing the components/coating in a high-temperature environmental chamber. Next came the assembly of components. We redrew and fabricated the PWB and installed the components onto the CCA, with soldering & inspections per j-std-001 and ipc-a-610.

Certain parts of assembly were subjected to potting using a fabricated fixture. Our team designed and machined fixture, installed the assembly into the fabricated fixture, applied potting to specified portions of the assembly, and cured the potting in heated vacuum chamber. We then had to extract the assembly from the fixture, remove any excess potting, sandblast the external potting, saw the edges for dimensional fit, complete the assembly and apply conductive coatings per mil-std markings to potting. Units were wrapped in an ESD bubble wrap, with a desiccant, sealed in an ESD bag, then placed in a box with ESD foam.

EAPU Main Wire Harness
AAV Indicator Panel Wire Harness

Manufacturing Success Story

Wire Harnesses

Manufacturing our own test sets led Artemis Electronics to develop the capability to manufacture wire harnesses as well. Artemis has manufactured thousands of wire harnesses for dozens of platforms. The wide variety of wire harnesses and cable assemblies manufactured by Artemis includes:

  • Coax cable assemblies
  • Ribbon cable assemblies
  • Braided ground straps
  • Custom sleeved harnesses
  • Power cable assemblies